Work With Me

Want to get back on track?

As a health coach I offer support and guidance as we work together to make meaningful and long lasting changes to your diet that will improve your health and well being. The world of nutrition is fast paced, confusing and often contradictory! Working with a health coach means getting to the information that is essential and unique to you. I offer a non judgemental space for you to work through any dietary or holistic health concerns you may have in order to restore you to a place of balance and get the results you desire.

As a client you can expect to receive the following:

To have ongoing support as we work together. We meet twice a month and in-between you can expect email/text support.

To have a personalised nutrition and lifestyle plan.

To achieve a healthy weight in a way that doesn’t feel restrictive

To reduce cravings

To receive recipes that are healthy and simple to prepare.

If you’re interested in learning more and would like to set up a complementary consultation please get in touch. A consultation is 50 ¬†minutes long and includes a detailed health history where we review any symptoms, talk about your goals and get an idea of where you want to be.