This is one of those winter recipes I come back to every year.  It's cheap to make and makes the most of seasonal winter vegetables such as Cavolo Nero along with store cupboard essentials such as tinned beans and tomatoes. It requires a little attention here and there but will then happily blip away on … Continue reading Ribollita


Vanilla and Cardamon Granola

This is such an easy recipe to add to your repertoire of homemade meals. This is the recipe I turn to when guests are coming to stay and if Sunday mornings allow. I love any meal that can take care of itself in the oven whilst allowing me extra time in bed on a Sunday morning, … Continue reading Vanilla and Cardamon Granola

Kale Pesto

Having a well stocked fridge full of snacks that are in easy reach is essential if you're looking to lose weight or make changes to your diet in general. I'm not a huge proponent of meal prep days. I find it hard to give over a whole day during the weekend to cooking. There's always … Continue reading Kale Pesto