Why we need to increase our fibre intake and how to do it.

It significantly reduces weight, blood pressure, total cholesterol and improves blood glucose levels.  It also reduces chances of both heart attacks and strokes. If ever there was a superfood, it would appear fibre is it. Yet most of us fall radically short of the recommended 30g a day with the average daily intake sitting around less … Continue reading Why we need to increase our fibre intake and how to do it.


A very warm welcome to my blog. I thought it would be useful to give you an insight into the sort of topics I'll be covering here. My work with clients encompasses everything from creating smoothie recipes to how to cope with stress, emotional eating or making time for self care. I'll be exploring these topics … Continue reading Welcome!


This is one of those winter recipes I come back to every year.  It's cheap to make and makes the most of seasonal winter vegetables such as Cavolo Nero along with store cupboard essentials such as tinned beans and tomatoes. It requires a little attention here and there but will then happily blip away on … Continue reading Ribollita

Kale Pesto

Having a well stocked fridge full of snacks that are in easy reach is essential if you're looking to lose weight or make changes to your diet in general. I'm not a huge proponent of meal prep days. I find it hard to give over a whole day during the weekend to cooking. There's always … Continue reading Kale Pesto

Sleepy Time

Things I have slept through before children: A hurricane small earthquakes. House parties. Things I am unable to sleep through since having children: A child silently standing by my bed at night. Light rain The bedroom door opening Today is world sleep day, a day dedicated to the importance of sleep. The health benefits of … Continue reading Sleepy Time