I still remember the moment when I realised my mental health was struggling so clearly. I was waiting in the Doctor’s surgery to request further blood tests to work out why I was so tired all the time when I realised I wasn’t going to find any answers there. The reason I felt so bone tired, so worn down, was because I needed to address my mental health. Years of just trying to keep going, not addressing deeply felt emotions or thoughts, so I could keep the wheels turning, had finally caught up with me and I was struggling with low mood, fatigue, eczema, insomnia and panic attacks. Along with ruminating thoughts that were on a perpetual loop.

As I sat there, I realised I needed to take my health into my own hands and seek help. I needed to care for myself as I cared for so many others. I went back to the basics. Feeding myself three meals a day, not skipping meals, eating foods that nourished and sustained my energy and getting enough rest. I also sought out a great therapist and a great nutritional therapist who helped resolve years of gut issues. As I became more interested in nutrition and the effects it was having on my mental and physical health, I decided to retrain as a Registered Nutritional Therapist so I could help others.

These days my panic attacks are a distant memory. I no longer have ruminating thoughts or feel ground down by life. After years of bouncing around from one diet to another I know what good nutrition looks and feels like.

Our knowledge of how diet, and lifestyle factors such as exercise and sleep, positively affect our mental health is growing substantially and I’m excited to share these with you. Mental health is complicated but I’m here to help show you that what you choose to eat, how you move your body, and how you rest, can make a profound difference.


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