Mindful eating: one simple step to try

Struggling to manage your chocolate intake post Easter? 

Sometimes I can see clients whose eating patterns are slightly out of kilter with their goals. Or it can be that unhelpful habits have crept in without us being that aware.

In both cases, it’s about bringing a gentle awareness back to how we’re eating and considering our eating patterns against the goals we may have for ourselves.

I really am going to stress the point about gentle awareness here. Too often it’s easy for us to flip between periods of indulgence which are then swiftly followed by guilt and promises to ‘eat better’ or go on a cleanse or detox to help reset. I think what we’re after is that nuanced middle ground, where we can enjoy our food whilst knowing that we have a happy and healthy baseline to return to. Becoming curious about why we eat the way we do, can help unpick some of our eating patterns that may not be working in our favour anymore. Encouraging a curious mindset is one of the first steps I take clients through in those looking to change their relationship with food.

One simple trick that can help with developing awareness and mindfulness around our eating habits is to make sure we always eat sitting down, even if just for one mouthful. 

It may seem ridiculous to sit down for one mouthful, but what we’re doing here is bringing our attention back to the food we’re eating. When we have to sit down each time we eat, we become more intentional with the food we put in our mouths. How often do you find yourself eating whilst digging out something to make for dinner, or waiting for the kettle to boil? I remember once being amazed to find I was eating and couldn’t remember what it was that I had put in my mouth!

So if you feel ready to ease yourself out of your chocolate fog, and you’re wanting to try and develop a healthier relationship with food, try this simple trick and see how it makes your eating habits more intentional.

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