Banana Bread Smoothie

We have a banana bread obsession in my house, mainly because I am such an awful baker and it is the one thing that emerges from the oven edible and smelling heavenly. We eat it straight out of the oven, not even waiting for it to cool down. I have various rifts on it for … Continue reading Banana Bread Smoothie


Valentine’s day smoothie

Happy Valentine's day! We started the day in our house drinking pink smoothies, although this one was strictly for the husband! I've added lots of skin boosting ingredients here to help our skin feel more nurtured as winter continues to march on. There are nutrient dense avocados full of fibre, vitamins, minerals and omega 3 … Continue reading Valentine’s day smoothie


A very warm welcome to my blog. I thought it would be useful to give you an insight into the sort of topics I'll be covering here. My work with clients encompasses everything from creating smoothie recipes to how to cope with stress, emotional eating or making time for self care. I'll be exploring these topics … Continue reading Welcome!